Original Outfit

Amanda is a cash recruitable 'Gourmet chef'.

She appears as part of the 3rd set of recruits as a Baker for the Bake off! You need to choose either Amanda, Tiffany, or Lauren.

Amanda is of the Hipster club.


Amanda has Blonde Casual Updo, Green Thin Eyes, Orange Small Mouth and Skin Tone 3.

Original OutfitEdit

Amanda wears a Blue Polo Short, White Skinny Pants, White Strappy Sandals, Pink Hair Clip and a Violet Toto Bag.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Dough Puncher 60/hour N/A
Apprentice Baker 90/hour ?
Bread Baker 150/hour ?
Cake Decorator 270/hour ?
Cupcake Artist 450/hour ?

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Shuhan 4 Flames

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, she plays as Ava in Super Secret Cedar Hill, and along with Michelle plays as Emily in A Perfect World