Amber is a cash recruitable girl. She is also a dancer and she loves fashion                       


Amber in her original outfit with a pulled back hair style.

designing, along with Hannah and Danielle.


She has Skin Tone 3, Brown Wavy Hair, Blue Normal Eyes and Purple Thin Mouth.


She is very giggly.

Orignal OutfitEdit

Amber wears a Black Crochet Top, Pink Skinny Jeans and Brown Strappy Sandles.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Cloth Cutter 15680/8hrs N/A
Clothing Pattern Designer 20384/8hrs 3136
Fashion Show Assistant 27440/8hrs 7840
Retail Clothing Designer 35280/8hrs ?
High Fashion Designer 43120/8hrs ?

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Shuhan 1 Flame
Jesse 5 flames

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, she plays as Anna in Rich Witches.