Audrey is the automatic name (and that's why it's maybe one of the most popular sorority founder names in the whole game) for your Sorority founder. You choose Audrey's appearance right at the beginning of your gameplay and can rename her for 20 diamonds in the salon.

Audrey is typically shown as having brown hair in the 'Casual Updo' style, wearing orange lipstick and having green 'Normal Eyes'. She is also typically shown as having the 'Normal' nose and the 'Normal Mouth'.

Although when first creating Audrey, you are automatically given the Blue Polka Dot Dress for her to wear, the opening picture shows Audrey in the Pink Polka Dot Dress.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
House Founder 40/hour N/A
House Manager 60/hour 20 (A) 16 (D)
House Party Promoter 100/hour 55 (A) 44 (D)
House Marketing Manager 180/hour 140 (A) 112 (D)
House President 300/hour 255 (A) 204 (D)

(A) Apple

(D) Droid

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility (Chemistry Meter)
Bruno 5 flames
Debarshi 2 Flames
Harlan 1 flame
Jesse 5 Flames
Jeff 5 Flames
Shuhan 1 Flame