Ayumi was a limited time diamond recruitable girl from spring 2013. She was presented as a transfer student from Japan who was going home and in recruiting her you are convincing her to stay.

As a diamond recruitable girl, Ayumi randomly gives off diamonds instead of her earningsDionna has long tousled hair black hair normal eyes brown eyes full orange mouth normal nose and in episode she plays chels in real Hollywood

Ayumi is of the 'Partiers' club.


In recruiting Ayumi, you had to buy the Japanese Bed, the Japanese Armoire and the Japanese Screen.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Children's Japanese Language Tutor 260/2h N/A
Private Japanese Tutor 390/2h ?
College Japanese Language Tutor 650/2h ?
High School Japanese Teacher 1170/2h 728
Japanese Language Professor 1950/2h 1326

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Shuhan 3 Flames