Baker Set

This is the 3rd Set of recruits.

You have to choose one either Lauren, Amanda, or Tiffany

Recruit EventsEdit

Event Points Time Item Cost
Housewarming 50 (+10) 5 sec Casual Party Clothing Varies
Sorority Mixer 50 15 min Black Stereo 45 Cash
Casual Lunch 50 30 min Coffee Table 55 Cash


Career Cash Education
Dough Puncher 60/hour N/A
Apprentice Baker 90/hour 30 (A) 24(D)
Bread Baker 150/hour 82 (A) 66 (D)
Cake Decorator 270/hour 168 (D)
Cupcake Artist 450/hour 306 (D)

(A) Apple

(D) Droid