Campus Holiday Cover Picture

Campus Holiday is an app which is a Christmas Version of Campus Life. This was released on Late November/ Early December by Pocket Gems.

Your CharacterEdit

You will play as Anna. She wanted to invite her parents to her Christmas Party. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due the storm. Then you recruit Jenny, who is your next door neighbor. Jenny then gives you requests. You then need to recruit Amy, who is a hipster. After that, you must recruit 9 more classmates and 6 celebs. There is a limited time request which you will have to recruit all 18 to unlock clothes in Campus Life. This request starts 12/1/13 and ends on 12/14.

January 1, 2014Edit

-New Goal: Campus Life (Goal). Ends on February 1, 2014.

-More recruits coming soon!

-Will Anna and Jonny date? Will there be crushes? Find out soon! Might be coming in February!