Honeymoon was a limited time diamond quest in late July 2013.

Honeymoon: Tropical Fun (2/4)Edit

Let's arrange fun tropical adventures for Cathy and her husband!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Wear the 'Black Cutout Swimsuit'

2. Buy a 'Tropical Surfboard' decoration

3. Buy a 'Shark Tank' decoration

In return, you recieve a 'Honeymoon Beach Tote'

Mid-Quest DialogueEdit

Cathy: Oh my goodness! You guys are the best! This is already the best honeymoon ever.

Audrey: This is just the beginning, Cathy! Just wait to see what we have in store.

Cathy: What do you mean? There's even MORE?

Audrey: You bet! Your honeymoon adventure is just getting started!

Cathy: Wow, this is so awesome. Thank you!

Honeymoon: Picnic (3/4)Edit

Plan a romantic picnic for the newlyweds!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Buy a 'Red Bicycle Built for Two' decoration

2. Buy 'Tortoise Sunglasses'

3. Buy a 'Quaint Fish Pond' decoration

In return, you recieve 'Gold Sandals'

Mid-Quest DialogueEdit

Cathy: Wow, this is so much fun! This is the best honeymoon weekend ever!

Audrey: ?

Cathy: What wedding presents?

Audrey: We pooled our money together and want to send you on a real trip!

Cathy: Are you kidding?

Audrey: Not just that, but you'll be getting there in style.

Cathy: Wow! I can't wait to see what you mean!

Honeymoon: Finale (4/4)Edit

Let's make the happy couple feel special with some extra surprises!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Wear the 'Honeymoon Beach Tote'

2. Travel to Paris three times

3. Buy a 'Pink Honeymoon Convertible' decoration

In return, you recieve the 'Honeymoon Maxi Dress'

Closing DialogueEdit

Aaron: You ladies are the best. This was the perfect way to kick off our new life together! I can't thank you enough!

Audrey: You don't have to thank us, Aaron! We hope you guys won't be strangers now that you're married!

Aaron: Oh don't worry, we won't. See you soon!