Jeff appears after you had recruited 8 girls and have 1 crush. Jeff is a winnable jock and gets cut in gym. Then you will have to find a match for him and go on dates with him. Keep dating him until he becomes your crush!

Opening DialogEdit

Jeff: Sigh...cut again...Why can't I catch a break...

Pick the girl you want to match with Jeff. After choosing your girl, the girl you chose should say:

What's wrong?

Jeff: I got cut again, I just don't understand.

Girl you chose: How about we hang out?


There are 5 levels:

Strangers                                      21 Points

Causal Friends                             30 Points

Close Friends                               216 Points

Sparks Flying                               270 Points

Crushes                                        0 Points

Jeff: (Girl you Chose), I'm totally over trying to be a jock, I want to be with you all the time!

Girl CompatibilityEdit

Girl Compatibility
Amanda 3 Flames
Andrea 4 Flames
Audrey 5 Flames
Caroline 3 Flames
Jessica 4 Flames
Kati 1 Flame
Nicole 2 Flames
Samantha 4 Flames
Stacy 2 Flames
Amber 5 Flames
Tiffany 5 Flames
Michelle 2 Flames
Sarah 5 Flames