Jesse is a motorcycle rider who appears with Harlan once you recruited a 7th girl. He thinks he likes his bike more than anything else. Find a match for him, unlock dates and keep dating him until he becomes your crush!

Opening DialogEdit

Jesse: Hey there, I'm Jesse, I like taking long rides on my chopper under the stars. Want to join with me?

Choose a girl for a perfect match for Jesse. After choosing the girl, the girl you chose will say,

Hey Jesse! Your motocycle is awesome.

Jesse: Yeah, it's no big deal. Nothing compared to how hot you are!

Girl you chose: Hmmm, is that an invitation babe?

Jesse: If you can handle it.

Girl you ūüėćūüėćūüėć


There are 5 levels:

Level:                        Points until next level:

Stranger                       6 Points

Causal Friends            20 Points

Close Friends              60 Points

Sparks Flying             200 Points

Crushes                     0 Points

Jesse: (Girl you chose), I thought I'd never love a girl as much as my bike, but you proved me wrong.

WARNING: If you break up with him by pressing, "BREAK UP," all the progress of the relationship WILL BE LOST!

Girls CompatibilityEdit

Name:                                                     Chemistry:

Audrey                                                     5 Flames

Michelle                                                   1 Flame

Ashley                                                     1 Flame

Tiffany                                                    1 Flame   

Kati                                                       3 Flames

Jessica                                                    1 Flame

Sarah                                                      5 Flames