Kati is part of the hipster club and a gardener


Kati has Skin Tone 3, Brown Casual Updo, Blue Big Eyes, and Red Thin Mouth.

Original OutfitEdit

Kati original wears a Pink Frilly Tank, Black Shorts, Black Sandles with Bows, Pink Tote and White Flower Clip.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Ditch Digger 260 cash/2 hours N/A
Plant Nursery Cashier 390 cash/2 hours ?
Gardener 650 cash/2 hours ?
Garden Designer 1170 cash/2 hours 910
Landscaper 1950 cash/2 hours ?

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Eric 5 Flames
Harlan 5 Flames
Jeff 4 Flames

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, she plays as your character in Campus Crush along with Debbie. You have 10 name choices.