Kim is one of the first diamond recruitable girls available to you. She is a celebrity from Malibu and in recruiting her you can complete a series of quests, during which you buy a Malibu Day Bed, two Malibu Tables and two Malibu Ottomen.

As a diamond recruitable girl, Kim randomly gives off diamonds instead of her earnings.

Kim is of the Celebs club.

Recruit Edit

Event Item Cost
Fancy Soiree (Buy 2 pieces) Black Lace Top Dress

Red Lace Top Dress

White Lace Top Dress

Diamond Drop Earrings

19 Diamonds Each

Photo Shoot Simple Vanity 38 Diamonds

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Icecream Social Organizer 60/hr N/A
Campus Social Chair 90/hr ?
Event Planner 150/hr ?
Wedding Planner 270/hr ?
Celeb Wedding Planner 450/hr ?

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Shuhan 4 Flames

Appearances in EpisodeEdit

In Episode, Kim plays as Prissy in Campus Crush and Kate in gir1.c0d3.