Appearance Edit

Larissa wears the colored punk-style hair. She is wearing the red necktie, black skull shirt, black and white striped sleeves, red plaid skirt, black torn tights, she has on the floral arm tattoo, a spiked bracelet and black flat shoesLarissa is a diamond recruitable 'Punk Rockstar'. Larissa is part of the Celebs club.Larissa is one of the first diamond recruitable girls along with Kim. You will be able to recruit more diamond girls as you continue into the game. Larissa will cost a total of 45 diamonds to recruit.

Recruit Edit

Event Item Cost
Punk Rock Event Surround Speaker A 30 Diamonds
After Party (Buy 2 pieces) Brown Circle Disc Earrings

Black Circle Disc Earrings

White Circle Disc Earrings

Glitter Peep Toe Slingbacks

15 Diamonds each