Lauren 1

Campus Life Original Outfit

Lauren is a character who appears in both Campus Life and Campus Holiday. In both games, she is a baker. She is a member of the Hipsters club.

Campus LifeEdit

Lauren is a baker, along with Amanda and Tiffany.


Lauren has Black Cropped Short Hair, Skin Tone 4, Brown Almond Eyes and Brown Small Mouth.

Original Outfit

Lauren originally wears a Blue Sports Bra, Anorak Jacket, Dark Ripped Jeans and Tan Combat Heels.

Campus HolidayEdit

Lauren has skin tone 2, black cropped short hair, orange small mouth and blue eyes.

Career Cash Education
Party Clown 60 coins/hour N/A
Event Waiter 90 coins/hour ?
Event Bartender 150 coins/hour ?
Event Manager 270 coins/hour ?
CEO of Party Dinning 450 coins/hour ?

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, she plays as Alma in Campus Crush and Mrs. Debouner in girl.c0d3