Marko appears after you have finish the genius club. Mario is a poet. Find a match for him,, go on dates and keep dating him until he becomes your crush!

Opening DialogEdit

Marko: So many beautiful minds. Perhaps, here, I can find someone who appreciates my poetry.

Choose a girl to be a match for Marko. After choosing your girl, she should say,

Hi Marko! What are you...?

Marko: "It is the east, and Juliet is the sun"...ooh, I was just reciting my Shakespeare.

Girl you Chose: Aww...that is so romantic!

Marko: Perhaps, you could be my sun.


There are 5 levels:                                  Points until next level:

Strangers                                                30 Points

Causal Friends                                       100 Points

Close Friends                                         300 Points

Sparks Flying                                         1000 Points

Crushes                                                  0 Points

Marko: (Girl you Chose) you are my sun and my stars. I am empty without you.