Michelle's Original Visual

Michelle, the "Party Girl", is one of the three Audrey's close friends, out of whom you have the choice to recruit for cash at the start of the game.

Michelle is of the Sporty club.


Michelle has Skin Tone 1, Brown Thin Eyes, Blond Windswept Hair, Orange Small Mouth and appears in most of your goals if you recruit her.

Original OutfitEdit

Michelle originally wears a Black Off Shoulder Top, Pink Skinny Jeans, Black Wedge Heels and Black Faux Leather Purse.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Ticket Taker 40/hour N/A
Sound Tech 60/hour 20 (A) 16 (D)
Beat Lab Assistant 100/hour 55 (A) 44 (D)
Guest D.J. 180/hour 112 (D)
Pro D.J. 300/hour 204 (D)

(A) Apple

(D) Droid

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
Debarshi 5 Flames
Shuhan 2 Flames

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, she plays as a stalker in Campus Crush, Mia in Hidden Lives, along with Amanda plays as Emily in A Perfect World.