Rebecca is a diamond recruitable 'Champion swimmer'.

Rebecca appears in a quest titled ‘The Skater’ and is of the Popular club. As a diamond recruitable girl, Rebecca randomly gives off diamonds instead of her earnings. You will need 70 Diamonds to recruit this girl.

The SkaterEdit

In this quest you have to:

1. Get the Circular Pool! (99 Diamonds)

2. Recruit Rebecca!

3. Reward 5 Diamonds

Recruit Edit

Event Item Cost
Sporty Party Poolside Sofa 23 Diamonds
Swim Practice (Buy 2 pieces) Pink Lace Ruffle Bikini

Teal Lace Ruffle Bikini

Cheetah Print Bikini

Print Platform Sandals

Blue and Pink Halter Top Bikini

12 Diamonds each
Cardio Workout Palm Tree 23 Diamonds