Shuhan is a datable character who you can unlock by expanding to the beach.

When you first meet Shuhan, he says 'Surf's up! Let's hit the waves together if you can hang with me!'.

After selecting his date, the girl you have chosen will say 'Hey, Shuhan! That's an interesting name.', to which Shuhan will reply 'Radical, I got to get back to the beach house. Maybe you'd like to take a walk along the beach with me.'


Girl Compatibility
Amanda 4 Flames
Amber 1 Flame
Ashley 5 Flames
Audrey 1 Flame
Ayumi 3 Flames
Jessica 5 Flames
Kim 4 Flames
Lucy 5 Flames
Mary 3 Flames
Michelle 2 Flames
Nicole 5 Flames
Olivia 1 Flame
Rachel 3 Flames
Sarah 4 Flames
Vicky 4 Flames

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, Shuhan plays as Byron and Matt in A Perfect World, Chief Hovi in Secret Education of Chloe, Will in Rich Witches and Ian in Hidden Lives.