So Fresh! was a limited time cash quest in late July/early August 2013.

Opening DialogueEdit

Audrey: Hey girls, terrible news!

Michelle/Stacy/Andrea: What's wrong?

Audrey: The campus laundromat's closed for renovation!

Prissie: Hahaha what's the matter girls? No where to wash your rags?

Audrey: That's not very nice Prissie!

Prissie: My sorority has its clothes professionally washed, but I guess your lil clubhouse can't do the same

Audrey: We'll show you! Come on girls! Let's show that our house can keep our clothes clean on our own!

So Fresh!: Wash (1/4)Edit

The house needs some serious clothes washing done!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Buy two of the 'Laundry Basket' decoration

2. Have four girls recruited

In return, you recieve 'Pink Fitted Crop Tee'

So Fresh!: Rinse (2/4)Edit

Start your washing!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Buy two of the 'Washing Machine' decoration

2. Buy a 'Detergent Rack' decoration

3. Wear the 'Pink Fitted Crop Tee'

In return, you recieve 'Baby Blue Velvet Sweatpants'

Mid-Quest DialogueEdit

Audrey: Looking good girls! If we get this all set up we won't need to lug all our clothes to the laundromat anymore!

Michelle/Stacy/Andrea: We should hurry, we're going to need a way to dry our clothes too!

So Fresh!: Cycle (3/4)Edit

Looking fresh, but we're not done yet!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Buy a 'Clothes Rack' decoration

2. Take a 'Web Browsing' class

3. Wear the 'Baby Blue Velvet Sweatpants'

In return, you recieve 'Baby Blue Zip-Up Hoodie'

So Fresh!: So Clean (4/4)Edit

Time to dry off those clothes!

In this quest, you have to:

1. Buy two of the 'Ironing Board' decoration

2. Buy two of the 'Clothes Line' decoration

3. Wear the 'Baby Blue Zip-Up Hoodie'

In return, you recieve 'Sunshine Summer Fun Dress'

Closing DialogueEdit

Audrey: Great job girls! This is a beautiful laundry set up!

Michelle/Stacy/Andrea: Yeah! I love the smell of fresh, clean clothes!

Audrey: Now we don't have to worry about finding quarters for the laundromat, too!