The Theta Sorority was one of the two Campus Life-wide sororities set up for Campus Life's very first Campus Life-wide event in early 2013.

During this event, everyone on Campus Life chose between joining the Deltas, by buying the Delta Tee, a blue T-shirt with a red triangle on it, or the Thetas, by buying the Theta Tee, a red T-shirt with a blue pattern on it. Then they had to throw as many recruiting parties as possible in the hopes that their Sorority would throw the most.

Before the results were released, there were three part way updates as to how each team was getting on. In the first one, it was announced that the Deltas were winning by a couple of hundred of events. In the next one, the Thetas had dramatically overtaken the Deltas and were wining by some hundred. In the third update, the Thetas were still winning but not by as much.

The event concluded in the Thetas winning and recieving a prize. The Deltas got a consolation gift of some diamonds each.

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