Vicky is a diamond recruitable 'Raver'. Vicky is of the Popular club. As a diamond recruitable girl, Vicky randomly gives off diamonds instead of her earnings. Vicky's recruition comes with the 'The Girl With The Star Tattoo' quest, which is a play on words reference to 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'


Event Item Cost
Lightswitch Rave (Buy 2 pieces) Cheetah Print Skirt

Zebra Print Skirt

Violet and Pink Goggles

White and Red Goggles

Green Furry Shoes

Pink Tutu

Blue and Black Goggles

12 Diamonds each
Techno Night Surround Speaker B 23 Diamonds
D.J. Lessons (Buy 2 pieces) Tiger Print Skirt

Black Embroidered Top

White Embroidered Top

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

White Torn Tights

12 Diamonds each

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Water Salesperson 960/3hrs N/A
D.J.'s Assistant 1440/3hrs ?
Trance Music Artist 2400/3hrs 1056
Dubstep Music Artist 4320/3hrs ?
Famous Dubstep Artist 7200/3hrs ?

Boy CompatibilityEdit

Boy Compatibility
George 5 Flames
Shuhan 4 Flames

Boyfriend UnlockEdit

When you recruit Vicky you unlock Debarshi as a boyfriend.